Products Serviced / Franz Kessler / SMR100.50.4.FHS/F

Motor Type: SMR100.50.4.FHS/F

Manufacturer: Franz Kessler

Exchange: Non inventory. Please call or email for repair options.

Send your Franz Kessler spindle stator type SMR100.50.4.FHS/F to Endeavor Technologies to be repaired right the first time!

Endeavor Technologies specializes in rewinding stators for integral spindles.  Every step of our winding process is carefully engineered to ensure that your Franz Kessler SMR100.50.4.FHS/F spindle stator is returned to factory specification or better as quickly as possible.  

This Franz Kessler SMR100.50.4.FHS/Fwinding has been molded with our Epox-E-Pak insulation system. Better than the original molding, our process floods the winding with an epoxy thermal set resin while under vacuum.

Most Kessler stators require exact positioning of leads in the epoxy molding.  Our machine shop fabricates precise jigs and fixtures so that the spindle can be reassembled without any concerns about interference or damaged power connections.

Endeavor Technologies also upgrades your Kessler SMR100.50.4.FHS/F stator with specially imported Hitachi lead wire rated for 200°C and highly resistant to chemical attack.

When you're ready for the highest quality workmanship and materials in your rewound stator, contact Endeavor Technologies.  

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