Vibration testing / balancing are critical to rebuilding electric motors.

Vibration levels are critical and Endeavor Technologies works to assure that vibration levels are at or below spec.Vibration is a highly destructive force in rotating machinery.  It can be caused by rotor unbalance, loose bearing fits, shaft shoulder runout, bearing housing mis-alignment, and shaft deflection. 

In addition to shortening bearing and motor life, excessive vibration can be transmitted to the driven machine, negatively affecting machine performance and increasing operator fatigue. 

We recognize that balancing is just part of the picture, and record the overall vibration of each motor during final testing to verify that it meets or exceeds the relevant DIN ISO, IEC, or JEC specification.

Vibration spectrums are recorded and archived for motors with especially high speed or low vibration requirements. 

Endeavor Technologies also offers precision balancing for spindles, impellers/fans, rotors for built-in motors, and other components.  If your part requires a special balancing arbor or fixture we can construct it.

Don't let a "repair" shop ruin your spindle motor, spindles require much tighter tolerances than standard motors



Our Balancing Equipment:

Schenck Trebel  H3BU (capacity 1000 lbs)
Schenck Trebel  H1BK (capacity 30 lbs)

Our Vibration Testing Equipment:

Schenck VT60 portable vibration analyzer with balancing software
Pruftechnik Vibrotip

Precision balancing to manufacturer specs helps prevent chatter and other machine problems