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ABB manufactures motors in plants all over the world, and has had motors private labeled for them by many other companies including Oemer, Elmo, Franz Kessler, and many others.  Endeavor Technologies completely remanufactures many of these products.  Failed windings, broken shafts, seized bearings, bad tach generators, resolvers, and encoders are no problem because of our extensive in-house capabilities and parts inventory.

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Our test procedures are the best and most thorough in the industry.  Many "repair" shops can’t run servo motors at all, and can’t run spindle motors at full speed.  An ABB motor rebuilt by ETI has been test run, usually closed loop with the resolver or encoder, to full speed.  Spindle motors are tested for extended periods of time until bearing temperatures stabilize.  Vibration levels are monitored and verified to be within ABB specification, not just a general standard for the electric motor repair industry.  Each rebuilt motor is checked to ensure that it conforms to the factory assembly tolerances, not just an industry norm for general purpose motors.  Slippage is a common problem with brake motors.  Every ABB brake motor is torque tested after being rebuilt to ensure it holds at least the factory specified torque. 

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