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AMK Arnold Mueller service, repair, rebuild, and remanufacture

Endeavor Technologies is pleased to partner with AMK Arnold Mueller GmbH & Co. KG and AMK Automation to offer rebuilding and repair service to AMK synchronous and asynchronous motors.

This partnership for service results in the best of both worlds for users of AMK motors.  AMK supports our efforts by supplying the parts and technical documentation necessary to guarantee the highest level of quality, and Endeavor has the skillset and facilities for rebuilding that the factory doesn't have because they are focused on new production. 

Our highly developed rebuild center includes a full machine shop, rewinding department, stator molding capabilities, and AMK run-off test stands enabling us to restore even obsolete motors to like-new condition.

By choosing Endeavor to service your AMK motor you can rest assured that the motor will run correctly, and last like a new motor because:

  • Factory specifications were followed during assembly and testing.
  • The motor has been completely run tested using AMK controllers.
  • Rotary encoders have been correctly programmed, installed, and aligned.
  • Brake assemblies have been replaced, or refurbished and torque tested.
  • Magnet rotors have been properly evaluated, and replaced or rebuilt when necessary.
  • "A" type encoder sensors have been tested, replaced when necessary, and accurately adjusted.
  • Complete final test reports and failure reports are available upon request.

Don't risk additional downtime and cost with an unqualified and unauthorized 3rd party repair shop!  Make arrangements to send your motor to Endeavor Technologies through AMK Automation today. 

Contact information:

AMK Automation

Ms. Hannah Witopil


You may contact us directly at and we will facilitate or help expedite your transaction with AMK Automation to the best of our ability.

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