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AMK Arnold Mueller

Endeavor Technologies, is pleased to cooperate with AMK Automation, Inc. to offer the only comprehensive service to AMK Arnold Mueller servomotors and spindle motors in North America.  Combining AMK Automation's technical support with Endeavor Technologies' expertise servicing motors is the only way to ensure your motor has been rebuilt and tested correctly.

Here are a few of the pitfalls unqualified "repair" shops fall victim to:
  • Inability to properly proram digital encoder feedback
  • Damaging digital encoder feedback using improper removal / installation equipment
  • Improperly aligning resolver feedback
  • Failing to adequately test static brake torque
  • Installing inadequately rated bearings in high speed spindle motors
  • Failing to complete immersion testing of IP67 servomotors
Only AMK Automation and Endeavor Technologies stock the necessary, proprietary parts required to rebuild AMK Arnold Mueller motors.  Only AMK Automation and Endeavor Technologies can retro-fit obsolete motors with new encoders and update drive firmware.  Only AMK Automation and Endeavor Technologies test run motors using AMK hardware and software.

All service must be initiated through AMK Automation, Inc.  To arrange for service to your AMK Arnold Mueller motor or amplifier please link to AMK Automation's website, or in cases of urgent need call 804.348.2125.

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