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Kollmorgen Seidel

Kollmorgen Seidel is a provider of motion control products based in Germany, and owned by the Danaher Corporation. It is distinct from Kollmorgen that manufactures brushless motor and amplifiers in Radford, VA. Kollmorgen Seidel’s offering includes motors manufactured by Kollmorgen in Radford as well as servomotors private labeled for Kollmorgen Seidel by European manufacturers. 

Endeavor Technologies offers service to Kollmorgen Seidel AC servomotors from the 6SM and DB series produced in Europe, as well as the Goldline series manufactured by Kollmorgen in Radford. Our spare parts inventory includes bearings, seals, connectors, and resolvers for Kollmorgen Seidel motors. Each motor will be test run with one of our servo amplifiers, and proven to conform to Kollmorgen Seidel’s published specification. 

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