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Marubeni Citizen service, repair, rebuild, and remanufacture

Endeavor Technologies is proud to offer service to built-in spindles as well as axis motors from Citizen Swiss turning machines.  We can extend the life of your spindle by upgrading it with Epox-E-Pak insulation, effectively sealing it from chips and cutting fluid.  This will be of particular interest to anyone who has ever had the back spindle of their M32 fail as a result of contamination.  We have already developed Epox-E-Pak molds for spindles from the C16, M32, & L20 machines.

We’ll complete the rewind and Epox-E-Pak molding of your stator-in-headstock only, or we’ll be happy to rebuild and test the entire spindle.  All Citizen spindles rebuilt by Endeavor Technologies are run-in to full speed, closed loop with a Mitsubishi spindle controller and CNC.

If one of the Mitsubishi intelligent servos (ex. HS-MF23EXV-S2) on your machine has failed, we recommend you contact Marubeni Citizen Cincom spare parts for a replacement.  These highly specialized motors not only have an integrated servo amplifier, but are rated IP67.  IP67 motors are effectively waterproof, and require specialized testing to verify the integrity of their sealing system even if the unit is only partially disassembled. 

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