Rebuilt / Exchange

Reduce downtime and save money!

If you need your machine to run sooner rather than later, use the search feature on any page of our site to check our exchange inventory.  Search by motor type number, and if you don't find what you need don't hesitate to call us.  Each motor is new or completely rebuilt, and is fully tested and warranted against defective materials and workmanship for one (1) year.

If your machine is down and we have an exchange in stock we can ship it immediately.   No need to wait for your motor to be rebuilt, the replacement can be on the way before you even finish removing the failed motor!

Our inventory includes everything from Allen Bradley motors for Kearney +Trecker machines to Yaskawa motors for Hurco machines, and a bit of everything in between. We stock dozens of Mitsubishi motors for older Mazak machines including QT series lathes, horizontal machines such as the H400/H500/H630/H800 machines, the AJV series, and the VTC/HTC machines. We're always working to add to our exchange program, and what we don't have today we may have tomorrow!

How much will I save?

Different in every situation, the math is always the same: (downtime costs + motor rebuild) minus (exchange motor cost + expedited delivery) = savings. Whether down time costs $100/hr or $1000/hr, purchasing an exchange may save days or even weeks resulting in thousands of dollars saved.

There is no set answer, but consider:

  • new motors can take weeks or months to get
  • even expedited rebuilds take days, and can take longer depending on the work scope
  • rebuild delivery is extended for shipping in both directions
  • exchange motors have broader warranty coverage

Please be sure to review our exchange policy for details

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