What our customers have to say:

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

"The personnel at Endeavor Technologies, Inc. know more about servicing Mitsubishi motion control products than any other rebuilding company."

Machinery Systems, Inc

"An Okuma LR 25M mill spindle servomotor was giving us an over-current alarm. At that time I was out recuperating from a minor operation, so our sales staff called in an outside service engineer. The engineer determined that the motor was bad and sent it out for repair. The repair cost us $1500. When I returned to work I installed the motor, but it continued giving the over-current alarm. The company that repaired the motor insisted that the motor ran fine in their shop. After a week of pulling my hair out trying different things, I called Chuck Nichols at Endeavor Technologies. I have known Chuck for several years and trust his opinion. During our conversation he pointed out that working on the Okuma BL type servomotors was very difficult. Considering the cost of a motor and encoder I opted to let ETI take a shot at repairing the motor. ETI found the problem and was able to repair the magnet rotor at a fraction of the cost of a new motor. Because of what they did I will never go to a different motor repair shop. I even recommend our out-of-state customers send their motors to ETI."

Frank Stock, Senior Service Tech
Machinery Systems, Inc

New Die, Inc.

"When the spindle motor on our MECOF mill failed, a local supplier assured us they were experienced and capable of repairing the high-speed Italian motor. Unfortunately it didn't last 2 hours. ETI documented everything that had been done incorrectly, and completed an extensive rebuild for about the same cost. We really appreciated all the telephone support they've give us as we worked through numerous problems with this machine. I feel that the people at ETI are truly professionals in their field, and New Die has a relationship with someone we can trust."

Dick Pack, President - New Die, Inc.


Sumiden Wire Products Corp

"We'd never been able to find a reliable vendor to rebuild the obsolete Mitsubishi servomotors on our wire drawing machine. We had a collection of failed motors that were missing parts and seemed like lost causes. We even considered changing to another brand of motors and drives a very huge cost. ETI has completely remanufactured them at a reasonable cost, saving us thousands of dollars."

Roger Whitmire, Sumiden Wire Products Corp.