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Motor Type: USABKM-50-MK12

Manufacturer: Yaskawa

Exchange: Non inventory. Please call or email for repair options.

Endeavor Technologies will completely rebuild your Yaskawa spindle motor type >USABKM-50-MK12 to new condition. Rated for 15000 rpm, the >USABKM-50-MK12 is a permanent magnet, air cooled spindle motor utilizing angular contact bearings with unusual dimensions. The >USABKM-50-MK12 is used on Matsuura RA 1GII high speed machining centers. Service to this special motor should not be attempted by unqualified or inexperienced personnel! Unlike most spindle motors, this motor will not function once the encoder has been removed unless it is re-installed following a specific procedure. Endeavor Technologies has the equipment and knowledge to correctly re-install the encoder guaranteeing that your motor will function correctly. In addition, this motor requires very precise rotor balancing, and precision grinding to all bearing seat diameters. After assembly, Endeavor Technologies will perform a complete, full-speed run-in of your >USABKM-50-MK12 on our test stand until the bearing temperature stabilizes. Don’t settle for having your Yaskawa USABKM-50-MK12 spindle motor “repaired”. Send it to Endeavor Technologies to be completely rebuilt to the factory specification.

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